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During a terrorist attack on a nuclear waste site at Fort Jericho, the 35-year-old remains of alien invaders are reactivated by irradiated toxins. Coming alive, the creatures kill the revolutionaries and lay claim to their bodies. In this way, the aliens can carry out their mission undetected, although the rapid effects of radiation poisoning are soon noticeable to the naked eye, making it necessary for the aliens to constantly take over new human bodies.

Meanwhile, at the Pacific Institute of Technology, microbiologist Suzanne McCullough meets her new boss, Dr. Harrison Blackwood, a renowned astrophysicist. She is also introduced to Harrison's friend and computer whiz, Norton Drake, who excitedly reports that he has begun intercepting strange radio transmissions which, unbeknownst to him, are being sent by the aliens from Fort Jericho to their home planet. Suzanne and Harrison join forces with Norton to locate the source of these mysterious coded messages.

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together, Harrison shudders to think he may be encountering the same life forms which claimed his parents' lives and haunted his adopted father throughout Harrison's childhood. Thirty-five years ago, super-powerful creatures launched an assault on the earth because their own planet was dying. Could the same aliens be reawakening with new plans to take over the world?

Tracing the radio messages to Fort Jericho, Suzanne and Harrison arrive at the site, and meet Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse, a member of the special armed forces who is investigating the terrorist incident. Although reluctant to assist the curious scientists, Ironhorse allows them to survey the devastated waste site, which only confirms Harrison's suspicions that the aliens are on the loose.

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