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Invasion of Mars, 1999

War of the Worlds II: "Invasion of Mars, 1999"
by: Thomas and Yvonne Phelan and Sharah Thomas

Join Howard Koch, creator of the heart stopping 1938 Orson Welles radio classic, "War of the Worlds," as his tale moves you into the future, the year 1999.

Earth's rivers, lakes, and oceans are stagnant toxic pools too deadly to drink. Ice sectioning begins. Forty ton ice blocks are hewn from glaciers, melted, then shipped to thirsty nations in what were once oil super tankers. Adding to the dilemma is Ronald Ratken, the world's first trillionaire, who secretly schemes to monopolize the lucrative ice sectioning industry.

The world clamors for change but resists the necessary draconian measures to cure it of its ills. It's time for change. US President DeWitt dispatches Orion 1, an aged space shuttle, to the moon. But is Orion 1 really an outdated ship and is the moon really its true mission?

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Lost In Space

War of the Worlds II Vol. 2: "Lost In Space"
by: Sharah Thomas

In our last episode Orion 1, a re-outfitted Space Shuttle, secretly left for Mars to search for water. The mission succeeded but an exploration crew sent to the red surface mysteriously disappeared.

Back on Earth U.S. President DeWitt confessed to a stunned world that Orion 1 was not orbiting the Moon as previously announced but was in fact, orbiting Mars. The President's activities provided fuel for the most powerful personality on radio in America, Tosh Rimbaugh, who castigated DeWitt on his nightly radio shows for her covert and reckless activities. Rimbaugh initiated a "Depose DeWitt Club."

As people stand helplessly pondering thir fate, Ronald Ratken, the world's richest man deploys his own space ship to Mars in a further attempt to increase his stranglehold over earth's water supply.

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War of the Worlds II Vol. 3: "The Tor"
by: Sharah Thomas

In our last episode U.S. President Sandra DeWitt hovered near death from a foiled assassination attempt. Tosh Rinbaugh secretly planned his own radio show with his own network of radio affiliates. A desperate Ronald Ratken, the world's only trillionaire, deployed an army of men in an attempt to locate his kidnapped son, Ethan Ratken.

Meanwhile back on Mars, Orion 1 had been commandeered and its crew held hostage by Jessica Storm, Commander of Artemis, Ronald Ratken's privately financed space ship that followed Orion 1 to Mars. The crew of Orion 1 was about to be terminated by Commander Storm when strange and powerful aliens summoned everyone down to the red planet's surface.

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