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Drestin Black's page

Drestin Black's site has the entire script of the musical with scanned images and sampled sounds. It also has a background sound of "The Eve of the War" for Internet Explorer users. Some images are of extreme size, so you may need to maximize or resize your browser window to be able to read some of the text. Highlighting the text reveals it as well.

Nathan's Nest

Nathan's Nest also has a copy of the script, as well as a MIDI file of the music on the first track, "The Eve of the War" as well as an etext copy of the original H.G. Wells novel.

Der Krieg der Welten

Horst Dienert has put up a site in German for the musical version which features a brief history of The War of the Worlds, short MIDI samples, of "The Eve of the War" and "Forever Autumn". It also links to chapters of the book and lyrics to the musical.

Diabolical Chicken's page

Elaine Harman's page has a copy of the script and a nice medium sized scan of the CD cover.

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