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The products listed on this page are here for the convenience of those looking for War of the Worlds related merchandise. Their presence on this page is not an indication of their sponsorship of these pages. This site cannot accept any advertising revenue.

Adventures in Cassettes

Adventures in Cassettes seems to have been absorbed into, which is about to be incorporated into as the Old-Time Radio Channel. When that change is done, I'll re-establish links to the new site.

LodesTone Media

LodesTone Media has the War of the Worlds 50th Anniversary Production available on audiocassette for $12.95. Audio samples from it are expected to be made available soon. Ordering number is 1-800-411-MIND (411-6463).

Image Item # Artist Format Price
[LINK] owme001 Otherworld Media Audiocassette $12.95

Broadcast.Com: Pharaoh Audiobooks

Pharaoh Audiobooks has three of four radio programs of 2 parts each of War of the Worlds II, sequels to the 1938 radio broadcast. (They also have the original broadcast as a NetShow stream.) Audio samples (entire tapes in 28.8 Kbps RealAudio!) available!

Visit Broadcast.Com's SciFi pages to find links to pages about each episode.

Image Samples Title ISBN # Price
Tape 1 War of the Worlds II: Volume 1:
"Invasion of Mars, 1999"
1-882209-14-1 $15.95 + $2 S/H
Tape 2
Tape 1 War of the Worlds II: Volume 2:
"Lost In Space"
1-882209-22-2 $15.95 + $2 S/H
Tape 2
  Tape 1 War of the Worlds II: Volume 3:
"The Torr"
1-882209-23-0 $15.95 + $2 S/H
Tape 2
  No stream War of the Worlds II: Volume 4 1-882209-41-9 $15.95 + $2 S/H
No stream

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