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Classics Illustrated

Originally published January 1955, this color comic is a retelling of the H.G. Wells. The Fighting Machine tripods are depicted with piston-like legs, a ball-joint front mounted Heat Ray in front of a large windshield, and two tenticular arms. The Cylinder is blatently rocket-like. Includes a bio on H.G. Wells, Nostradamus, and a section on the War of the Worlds panic broadcast. Originally sold for 15 cents and is number 124 in a series of stories by great authors of the world.

Now-Age Illustrated

This edition is intended as a educational tool for children. The pictoral presentation is designed to be pleasing to children and encourage them to read the original novel later in life. It is printed in sharp black and white. The Martian Cylinder is obviously artificial, barely resembling a cylinder. It is unclear how the Fighting Machines walk, but the legs appear to be slightly tenticular.

Eternity Comics

A complete retelling of the story, with major changes. Here the aliens are actually underground dwellers known a the Aarach, a definitely humanoid race. The attack begins 6 May 1913 on the Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands. The first three issues tell of this invasion which is based around one woman whom they are converting into one of them. The next three involve her offspring returning to the surface in search of their father. So far I have yet to acquire issues 5 and 6. Apart from the presence of the tripods in the first series of three issues, it bears little resemblance to any other work under the War of the Worlds title. It even takes the opposite attitude towards religion, not as man's salvation, but his damnation in the eyes of the Aarach.

Eternity Comics

Set in May 1908, 14 years after the invasion as told by H.G. Wells (check math), Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Missing Martian is a story about the theft of a Martian Fighting Machine from that invasion, and the attempts of Sherlock Holmes to track it down. The depictions of the aliens are quite true to the Wells vision, although the jointed legs of the tripods are not, nor the addition of "Wormheads": humans controlled by Martians. This 4-part series was also published by Eternity Comics, but does not follow the depiction of their earlier comic.

Marvel Comics' Amazing Adventures

"Amazing Adventures featuring War of the Worlds" from Marvel Comics features the character Killraven. Unfortunately, it strays quite far away from the Martian invasion, going so far as to rename itself to "Amazing Adventures featuring Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds". The story spans 39 issues.

Caliber Comics': The War of the Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed

Here is some information provided by the writer of the comic, Randy Zimmerman:

The comic series is a "continuation" from the original novel. I'm working on the premise that it took the "Martians" a century to work out their bacterial problems and have started invading again, this time with a little more trouble, the series starts seven years into the invasion, it has been a war of attrition on the Martian front, they are slowly wearing us down and are now facing little if any resistance.

Our first "arc" will cover the invasion of Kansas City and a small band of folks who are working up the courage, and knowledge, to fight back.

The direction I'm taking on this is to stay as realistic to "life" (the invasion starts on September 7th, 1997) and still keep to the original flavor of the novel. Of course the alien technology has stepped up a bit, and I'm doing a couple of twists on some of the smaller elements in the book (for example I have the Redweed now a tool for the Martians which they are using to "terraform" the planet closer to their original atmosphere).

The artwork is being done by Horus, who is german, and as devoted to making this product as faithful to the feel of the novel as possible. He feels that this is the first time this has been done this realistically in comics, Outside of the direct adaptions that is. The covers for the books are being painted by Gene Gonzales, who is enjoying this just as much as Horus and I are. Both the covers and the interior art are first rate, and VERY polished looking. We're all VERY proud of our efforts.

Arrow Comics' The War of the Worlds: The Memphis Front

"The martians have invaded Earth, St. Louis is already gone and Memphis is their next objective." More Randy Zimmerman War Of The Worlds storylines have been published through Arrow Comics (formerly by Caliber Comics) with the new arc The Memphis Front premiering in November. For more info you can check out Arrow Comics on the web.

The issues from Caliber Comics are also available through Arrow Comics. See the Arrow Comics website.

Unfortunately, it appears production of this series has stalled.

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